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At Martocchio Music we value our customers (and friends) more than anything.

This is what our friends have said about us in the following thank you notes:

"Dear Jim (Martocchio),

Thank you SO much for replacing my autoharp string! I truly appreciate you taking the time and effort, and not even charging! You are such an incredible person, and I have nothing but the utmost respect and admiration for you. The Simsbury music community is so lucky to have you. You continue to inspire young student musicians such as I once was, and like me, they will never forget!



"Dear Mr. Martocchio,

Thank you so much for providing a wonderful Rock Camp experience for Savannah! She had a blast! You were so kind to switch the weeks for us even though space was limited. I really appreciate it. That huge gesture on your part to make sure Savannah was able to attend demonstrates your commitment to music and your students! We are so lucky to have people like you in our community! 



"The Magic of Martocchio Music . . . is not the beauty of the instrument,  but the kindness of the teachers

-From a well wisher-"

*I had such a great time this morning meeting Jim at Martocchio Music in Simsbury! I highly recommend him for anything music/instrument related! He was super helpful with my flute. It’s so important to support local businesses (and a business in OUR state)!  I’ll be writing to the BOE to ask them to support our local businesses and I hope you will too!


*We love Jim and everyone there!!! They have been so helpful fixing instruments and my son has been taking guitar lessons there for four years now


*It’s my son’s second home. He loves it there!!! A wonderful family and great teachers!


*We adore Martocchio’s! Great service, super-helpful and my kids learn so much during their lessons. Can’t recommend them enough


*Martocchio's is an absolute TREASURE and we are lucky to have this little gem nearby. They've been amazing to us and when the kids need instrument books/ repairs we always call Martocchio's for fair and honest work at a great price.

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